Exploring Entrepreneurship: Initial Reflections

Upon hearing the term “entrepreneurship,” my mind immediately jumps to the popular examples of successful companies like Facebook or Amazon which serve millions of customers across the world. With some reflection, however, I realize the concept extends way beyond a startup’s visible results that are often used to define entrepreneurship.

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Entrepreneurship is more about the process, than the results. It is the pursuit of a new approach to tackling problems and meeting the changing needs of consumers. Sometimes this pursuit results in the development of a new company, but more often, entrepreneurial ideas are implemented within existing businesses to expand into new markets, reach additional customers, and reduce operating expenses. At its core, I believe entrepreneurship is about challenging the status quo and improving processes, which can take many forms.

In my own life, I have many opportunities to think and act in an entrepreneurial way. As a financial analyst, one of my main responsibilities is to clearly present information to executives. The recent implementation of new tools and technologies has increased my leaders’ expectations. As a result, I must continually strive to improve the communication of financial information by anticipating questions and providing better, more interactive visualizations. I cannot rely on my predecessor’s documented procedures, but rather must think innovatively to address my customers’ evolving demands.

I hope this class will help me view the world differently, through the lens of an entrepreneur. A new perspective and insights from successful entrepreneurs, will benefit me when I seek to implement a new startup of my own. Although I do not know exactly which industry the startup would relate to, the transferrable skills in this class will prepare me to disrupt any field. In the long-term, I look forward to scaling up a small venture to tackle a specific challenge and make a significant impact in an industry.

Written by Brenda Cohen, student of Starting A Startup That Matters, Fall 2015. Posted with permission. Original Source.