Panel: How do Startups Hack Regulatory Issues?

Tim-OnoffTim Onoff

President of  NSI Strategies

Timothy Onoff’s strong track record of growing successful ventures that bridge business and government is invaluable at a time when government and corporate America are working closer together than ever before. Mr. Onoff works directly with clients to develop strategies with key tools to achieve their goals. He is also deeply involved in project development, integrating efforts across all of NSI’s practice areas and business units, to include NSI Government Markets and Government Relations. Mr. Onoff is also directly involved in helping spearhead NSI’s growth initiatives and currently serves as President of NSI Government Relations, leading NSI’s network of over 2,000 state and local consultants across the nation as well as its regional offices in New York and Florida.


Ben Wallerstein

CEO and Co-Founder of Whiteboard Advisors

Ben Wallerstein is the co-founder of Whiteboard Advisors, a Washington, D.C. based consulting firm and publisher of Education Insider. He previously founded the education practice at global public affairs firm, Dutko Worldwide, where he became the youngest managing director the firm’s 30-year history. Ben specializes in the intersection of public policy and innovation, with deep experience in the complex regulatory and political environment that impacts entrepreneurs focused on education, health and wellness. For over a decade, he has advised the most transformative companies in education, and advised in conjunction with dozens of preK-12 and postsecondary transactions.

2d697f48f755038279ab8f3f23e2f0740b1fb97dNicole Harburger

SVP, Strategist of GMMB

Nicole is an award-winning communications and media strategist working at the intersection of politics, innovation and social good. She has helped elect representatives and Governors and worked with major independent expenditure campaigns. Nicole also helps brands, industries and start-ups articulate their identity, increase their profile and drive integrated social purpose campaigns. She is known for bridging the gap between tried-and-true storytelling and cutting-edge techniques that push the boundaries of traditional communications.